Christmas Concert

Our Christmas concert will take place this year on Friday 15th December for parents and friends starting at 11.00. Rehearsals are well underway and the teachers and children are very busy getting ready for the big day. It is always well supported and is a fantastic day for the parents and pupils. Thank you to the teachers who put in such hard work in preparing the children so well. We hope you will join us on this very special occasion!

Our timetable for the concert is as follows:

Ms O’Looney’s Junior/Senior Infants 11.00 Jump if you love Christmas!

Ms Coloe’s 1st and 2nd Class                 11.30 The Night Before Christmas.

Ms Jordan’s 3rd and 4th                         12.00 Lights, Camel, Action!

Ms McMahon’s 4th and 5th                    12.40  Oliver Twist.

Mr O’Donnell’s 5th and 6th                     A Suitably Happy Ending!