General Information

School LogoSchool Ethos / Mission Statement

The mission statement of Scoil Mhuire is the primacy of the child in a supportive learning environment where every child is cherished.

The school fosters self-esteem and respects differences, in a spirit of justice, peace and love.

School Ethos

Our school aims to give the children a sound religious and moral education within the established Catholic ethos of the school and to help them establish a faith in God which will grow and develop.  The ethos of Scoil Mhuire can be seen in the everyday dealings all those who work in the school have with each other.  It is manifested in the respect and consideration shown by teachers and pupils and vice versa.

We are proud of the children who are part of our school and hope they go on to become fulfilled adults.

Healthy Lunches

We operate a healthy lunch policy and encourage all children to eat healthily. Our aim is that the children will form healthy eating habits for life. In 2014/2015 we took part in the Food Dudes programme which was a great success and encouraged children to try fruits and vegetables each day. Certificates were given out to all pupils and the initiative was a great success.

On a daily basis we encourage children to bring healthy lunches such as sandwiches, scones, brown bread, crackers, bread sticks, fruit and vegetables. Foods such as fizzy drinks, crisps, sweets and chocolate bars are banned and only allowed on special occasions.


Swimming is a regular part of the Physical Education Curriculum of the children. All children from 1st to 6th class attend swimming lessons, during school hours in Grove Island Leisure Centre Corbally each year usually in the last term. They really enjoy the lessons and learn to swim quickly due to the great level of tuition that they receive there.

School Activities/Events


Stay Safe Programme                                 Third World Awareness –Irish Aid Our World Awards

Computers                                                      School Tours and trips.

Credit Union Art Competition                     Soccer

Artist in School Scheme                             Sports Day

School Choir                                                  Green School

Gaelic Football / Hurling                             Basketball

Health Programme                                       Book Fairs

Nature Walks                                                            Camogie

Xmas Food Appeal                                        Tip Rugby

Savings – Credit Union                                 Unihoc

School Fundraising                                       Cultural Events

Hurling                                                           Tin Whistle lessons


Interactive white boards for teacher and student use

Educational apps  for learning support, resource and group work.

After school Speech and Drama

School Quiz Teams

School Spring Clean

Swimming from 1st class to 6th class

I.N.T.O Handwriting Competition

Green Schools Flag

Book Rental Scheme

Anti-Bullying Seminar by Community Garda Annually to 5th & 6th Classes

Before & After School Homework Supervision Club with Montessori Teacher & Artist                    


We are always aiming to increase our standards in literacy. In 2015/2016 we will be undertaking a new Guided Reading initiative as part of our SIP (school improvement plan).  Pupils from Senior Infants to 6th class will be taking part and teachers are looking forward to getting it up and running. The Board of Management have invested significant amounts of money in the purchase of new books for the initiative.


We are currently working on year 2 targets of our SIP (school improvement plan) for Maths. Great strides have been made and in 2015/2016 we will all be focusing on improving problem solving strategies with all classes.